Life Lately: Polo, Patriotism, Pool Parties (and Canada Bound!)


I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that it’s already the middle of July! Where has this summer gone!? There is so much that I’ve set out to do work wise, riding wise, etc. that I haven’t done yet, but somehow it simultaneously feels like I have crammed in a lot. It feels especially like I’ve fit a lot in when I look back at photos from just one week’s time!

As this is posted, I’m heading to Canada for two weeks in Ottawa at the Ottawa National and Ottawa International Horse Shows! But before I dive into photos and updates from Ottawa, I wanted to do the shortest ever photo dump of the last week here in PA:

Sunday polo at the Lancaster Polo Club with Justin (and good friends Katie and Eric!)
Family Fourth of July selfie
My sister, Hannah, and my niece, Emerson, just hangin’ out.
Ever since I was little, I’ve LOVED the Lititz Fourth of July celebrations! This year was the 200th anniversary of the Lititz fireworks, and my first time back since I moved to Florida. It was fun to be back in my hometown for the Fourth and to spend it with Justin and my sisters!
Saturday was my good friends’ (Alex and Brooke #twins) birthday, and to celebrate, Alex’s fiance and Brooke’s husband planned an awesome diner en blanc themed surprise party for about 40 of their closest friends! So much fun!

Short and sweet for now (really, let’s be honest, mostly just short, not that sweet), but more from Canada’s capital soon! 🙂

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