Baba Ganoush Update: September 2017


No, this is not an update on the eggplant dip! (Oh wait, no one thought that, and you probably didn’t even know that’s what baba ganoush is…nevermind…) It’s a quick update on this borderline obese horse of mine that I’m quite a big fan of:

Baba Ganoush

I’ve had Ganoush for 10+ years and had a lot of fun showing him in high school and for a bit after:

Random, not very flattering of either of us, photo of Ganoush at Harrisburg circa 2007. (Side note: am I the only one who wishes blinged out GPAs were still a thing!?)

But long story short, throughout college I wasn’t showing him much at all, and I then moved to Florida…Around that same time he started showing signs of navicular disease, so I had him shod accordingly, but I didn’t do much more than that. I moved him down to Florida with me in the summer of 2013 with the intention of getting answers to his navicular issues while both living there, but his time in Florid didn’t last long! So instead, he’s spent the last four years rather unsound and largely just hanging out in a field! Eek!

Now that I’m back in PA for the majority of the year, and I’m traveling a lot less, I decided it’s really about time I did something about my poor horse that’s in the prime of his life but is going unused!!

So this past Friday, he went through the whole rigamarole of a lameness exam and x-rays, etc. The conclusion? The vet is highly optimistic that with proper shoeing (aluminum egg bars with a three degree wedge), coffin joint injections, and ongoing medications he should remain sound and can return to regular work!

Heavily sedated and getting scrubbed up for coffin joint injections

While maybe I’d be smarter to channel my energies and funds into a new, perfectly sound horse that can easily jump around, I’m so excited to have my longtime horse back! He gets his new egg bar shoes on Wednesday so time will tell if the current plan will work, but I’m super optimistic and excited to slowly get him back into shape and regular work!! With that said, I also look forward to updating more as he’s re-conditioning and getting going again! 😀