Friday Favorites: Black Friday Sales


Happy Black Friday!! The fam was just discussing yesterday (over delicious food of course), how we used to get up majorly early on Black Friday and drive to King of Prussia (approximately an hour and a half away) to partake in an all-day extravagance of Black Friday shopping. We all agreed: it was fun at the time, but we don’t really miss it.

This year, I’m working, and ordering stuff online just sounds so much more relaxing anyway – plus, that way there’s less of a requirement for me to get out of joggers all day.

Thankful for this turkey <3
The Riden family 2017 Thanksgiving crew

I’m definitely taking advantage of the online sales to do a lot of my Christmas shopping (and maybe to get a few things for myself…), and I picked out five of my favorite sales that are offering some great deals!

I also included scroll bars of some of my favorite items from each sale! You know, just in case anyone needs ideas of what to get me. 😉 Kidding. Kind of. But really they’re just great items that I think other people would like too!

1. Kate Spade – 30% off everything with the code “GIVEJOY”! – I was going to only include five items for each scroll bar to keep it consistent…but then I started with Kate Spade, and there were already way to many things that I love! I know my sister has both this bag and this one on her Christmas list, and I kind of want to put them on my list too…or make an arrangement that we’ll share…

2. Tory Burch – 30% off purchases of $250 or more with the code “THANKS”! – I have a tendency to wear shoes into the ground…and also to wear nicer shoes to things that I probably shouldn’t…like one pair of these Tory Burch flats in particular that I’ve now been wearing to horse shows and have worn down the back of to the point they barely stay on my feet anymore! They’ve given me five or six years of solid use and put up with my abuse, so new pairs are definitely on my Christmas list this year! (Mom: they’re the last two linked on the scroll bar. You can just click there. 😉 ).

3. Nike – An extra 25% off with code “EPIC25”! – A girl can never have enough workout clothes. 

4. J. Crew – 40% off your purchase and free shipping with code “THANKU”! – One of my personal favorites, and some seriously great deals! I had to seriously cut myself off with this scroll bar…just all the things!!! I will forever love a lot of J. Crew’s timeless, classic, and classy pieces.

5.  Abercrombie and Fitch – 50% off the entire store!! – Okay, I know some people are going to judge me on this one (probably my sisters, really), but I still love Abercrombie…like a lot. For some reason, their jeans have been my favorite fit of any jeans since high school, and I continue to really like their sweaters, button-downs, and again, the more timeless pieces.