Barn Days With Emerson (and the Best Breeches Under $40!)


One of my many current goals is cultivating my almost two-year-old niece, Emerson (“Emme”), into a better, miniature version of myself. I think I’m on the right track, as thus far, my sister has reported that she loves Oreos, writing in a planner, “reading” books that I also enjoy (a.k.a. she’s currently regularly carrying around Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”), and of course ‘horseys!’

I got her this inflatable bouncing horse that she rides at home (which makes me so happy!), but whenever I can, I try to kidnap her for an actual riding lesson as well! This weekend, her mom tagged along for a fun trip to the barn! 🙂

Seeing her face light up when she sees the horses is just the best! As is how she points to all of them and just keeps repeating, “horseys, horseys, horseys.” (She also got to the barn, saw horses turned out in the field, and greeted them with a “hey guys!” which was pretty adorable.)

Meeting her first mini

Unrelated to Emerson, but more pertinent to a larger audience are my breeches that are now only $34!!! They’re my absolute favorite pair of TuffRiders, but they’ve been discontinued, so they’re now on major sale, and available to buy on Amazon here! Yes, Amazon. Little known fact that both TuffRider and Equine Couture are available to shop on there. (My belt is also Baker by Equine Couture and available to buy on Amazon here.)

I’ve heard mixed reviews on TuffRider breeches, with people often saying that the knee patches start to wear away/peel off quickly. So far, I haven’t had that problem, and I’ve had this pair for probably about two years now. However, it’s not like I’m riding in them every day, or even every week, so I could definitely see how that could happen with greater wear, but for only $34, I think they’re well, well worth it, and super comfortable! (The pair I’m wearing are in ‘chocolate’ size 28.)

That’s my PSA. Now back to cute pics of Emerson:

The happiness after you pet a pony <3

Anyone else agree that she needs a mini for Christmas!?

Looking for lots more barn days with this little lady!